52 year old male comparison week 0 to week 4
Meet Lawrence - age 52 - lost fat but gained muscle

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Having excess belly fat is dangerous

how to lose fat naturally
More than 40% of American adults are obese...and it's getting worse
how to lose fat naturally
Prescription opioids for pain management accounted for >35% of all opioid deaths in 2017
how to lose fat naturally
You are 12x more likely to die from Covid-19 with an underlying condition / compromised immune system

"Fat Burning Secrets" is your guide to learn how to lose belly fat naturally

Don't spend long hours working out. "Fat Burning Secrets" calls for 4 hours per week.
Don't give up your favorite foods, balance them with healthy choices.
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Exercise and good food choices will greatly boost your ability to fight disease.

Why "Fat Burning Secrets" is your guide how to lose belly fat and for longevity

I wanted to share my insights on long-term health I learned through years of research, trial and error. I also know how busy men over 45 are as they balance work, family, social and fitness. I wrote Fat Burning Secrets to share fitness and eating habit combinations that saved me over 12 hours per week of exercise time. The book is available on Amazon in Kindle format. Don’t have a Kindle? That’s ok, the Kindle app is free and available for iPhone and Android phones as well as Mac and PC.

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