Burn stubborn belly fat natrually in 75% less time

Yes, you'll need to put in effort, but you'll get results with only 4 hours per week of exercise...only 2% of your week
Proven to work for men and women any age

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52 year old male comparison week 0 to week 4
Meet Lawrence-52 years old

Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like us to stop using weight as the goal. There’s a picture of a client named Lawrence above and in the video below. He lost 5% body fat, but gained weight. Remember: Muscle weighs more than fat. And, we want more muscle as we grow older. The more muscle, the more efficiently the body burns fat.

No, this is a healthy approach where you WILL have to put in some effort. However, the author has proven that you only need 4 hours per week of exercise which includes both resistance and cardio exercises. That’s only 2% of your week!!!

No. However, you will learn to eat bad foods less often, and you’ll be substituting better choices most of the time.

Absolutely NOT! The book shows you how to use a principle called “time under tension” where you use lower weight and do slower reps of at least an 8 count each. You work the muscles, not the joints. Great for longevity.

The plan in this book calls for two cardio sessions per week for only 20 minutes each.

See the author’s bio below. He’s below 15% body fat at 60 years old. Using the diet with this workout will get you as ripped as you wish without using steroids or fat burners. This is all natural.

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"Fat Burning Secrets: Efficiency in Fitness" changes everything, and
you only need to exercise 4 hours per week !


That's only 2% of your week!

Our bodies change over time, and how we managed our health and fitness
in our 20's and 30's no longer works.

But the answer is NOT to workout more, just differently. Learn how to burn belly fat with this book.

When you want to change the way you live your life, it’s not all about crash diets, endless gym sessions and constant calorie counting.

Why not take a smart approach that shows you how to lose belly fat by optimizing your diet and exercise routines for true efficiency in fitness?

With greater efficiency comes life-changing progress.

Why "Fat Burning Secrets"?

Burn Fat Faster

now you know how to burn fat like an olympian

Never Go Hungry

It's not about skipping meals, it's about eating differently

Easy-to-follow Training

through a combination of resistance and cardio training, and you'll workout the muscles without taxing your joints
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Fat Burning Secrets Cookbook by Richard H Webb

This book includes over 170 pages of macronutrient-balanced recipes that match the diet plan outlined in “Fat Burning Secrets; Efficiency in Fitness”




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By making sure your diet, nutrition and physical training are perfectly aligned with one another, you can work with your body rather than fight against it. This simple change to the way you approach weight loss allows you to unlock fat burning secrets 99% of ‘experts’ know nothing about.
Because you’re fueling your body the right way you’re able to train smarter, not harder, and still see incredible results. Ideal when you want to get 16 hours per week of results from only 4 hours per week of fun and enjoyable training.
Did you know that being obese or overweight in mid-life increases your chances of having dementia later in life. Think about those that will have to care for you.
You owe it to them to take care of yourself and prevent being a burden later. So, learn how to lose belly fat with this book today and turn your body into a fat-burning machine.


Bodybuilders diet course - RichardHWebb.com

You can achieve your results faster than you think

When I first started bodybuilding, I was spending 16+ hours per week exercising.
I did not have that kind of time. I had a family and worked full time!
I took 3 years off from competing, experimented and researched, and found a way I can get better results with only 4 hours per week. That’s a 75% savings of a commodity you cannot buy: TIME!
I became much more competitive in my competitions ultimately winning back-to-back division championships on famed Muscle Beach in Venice, California.
These “fat burning secrets” are not just for bodybuilders, so I reveal these secrets in this book.
You'll learn how to lose body fat with "Fat Burning Secrets: Efficiency in Fitness" by Richard H. Webb - seen here at age 59.
Meet author Richard H Webb - Age 60

Why wait to look and feel great?

When you put it like that, there’s no reason not to make the switch today.

What You Will Learn

Inside this exclusive guide to healthier, happier living you’ll find everything you need to make your personal transformation look easier than you could have ever imagined:

A Diet Plan

that puts the fun back into healthy eating

Engaging Training Plans

so you can enjoy cardio and resistance work

A 4-week plan to get started

integrating steps each week to help you form a habit
If you want to invest in yourself by connecting with these life changing lessons, all you have to do is ask yourself one simple question…

Do I want to live my best life TODAY?

All it takes is a quick click and you’ll be on your way.

Bodybuilder's diet course by Richard H. Webb
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This simple book contains everything you need to achieve true efficiency in fitness.

Why wait?


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