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How health affirmations change behavior
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Health affirmations can help
Health affirmations are statements made about your health, body, diet and mental stability. The bad news is that many of the health affirmations you’ve heard and continue to hear are detrimental. Even worse, these affirmations for health your inner voice tells you probably never started from inside you. Most times body image comes from media (TV, social, radio, etc). YES! That’s correct, those are affirmations for health that have been pounding your visual and audio sensors for years. Have you ever been told you’re just not good enough at a sport? Or, that you’re not pretty enough? if you hear something enough times, your subconscious mind will believe it and repeat that to you over and over, and that’s a self-sabotaging message that someone else now has you repeating to yourself years later. Here are some sad facts:
  • 95% of our daily routine is run by our subconscious mind.
  • 90% of the thoughts we have today are the same as we had yesterday
  • Thoughts drive your actions and reactions, so if you’re not where you want to be you must change what your subconscious mind is telling you.
The great news is that YOU CAN counteract the negative affirmations in your subconscious mind. Let’s dig into that now

Imagine how powerful personalized affirmations supporting your goals can be on your ability to achieve your goals. Let us create an 15 minute audio track with affirmations supporting your goals. You give us 1-2 goals, choose your background music and we’ll create a 15 minute audio track you can listen to while working, driving, exercising or sleeping. It will help change the internal dialog in your head that is holding your back from achieving your goals. What are you waiting for?

The sample above has subliminal messages that will be picked up by the subconscious with the foreground sound of a babbling brook.

How health affirmations change behavior

Leading up to my first bodybuilding divisional victory on famed Muscle Beach in Venice, California, for 12 weeks I repeating one sentence out loud probably 100 times a day. That sentence was, “I won first place in the Master’s Division on Muscle Beach on Labor Day.” 

Not only did I say that sentence to myself regularly, but I also recorded it and played it back to myself when I was working and even when I slept. Health affirmations work best accompanied by the feeling of attaining the goal will bring. I visualized and thought a lot about what emotions I will have standing on the stage holding the first place trophy high in the air in victory. Affirmations for health are a great tool in your arsenal of weapons to retrain your subconscious mind.

Positive affirmations helped me then and continue to help me in all aspects of my life. So, what are affirmations for health that you need to change to help you overcome what holds YOU back?

Do you need to get and stay in shape? Need to increase your income? Or, maybe it’s confidence you lack? Whatever your need, affirmations can help, which brings up the question, is there any science to back this up?

Weight loss coach and fitness author Richard H. Webb

Affirmations for health - Scientific proof

Let’s put some scientific proof behind this. A study in published by Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience used MRI technology revealing that practicing self affirmations activated the reward centers of the brain. By repeating phrases like “I am in great shape” and visualizing yourself in the shape you want illuminates the same pleasure centers of the brain as eating a nice piece of chocolate does. It’s important to find the emotion that goes along with your goal attainment. How does that feel? THIS is what changes your pathways.

Another study at the University of Pennsylvania by Christopher N. Cascio et al titled “Self-affirmation activates brain systems associated with self-related processing and reward and is reinforced by future orientation” found that participants in the study (who were electronically monitored) responded better compared to the control group to health affirmations. Those in the study became more active in the next month after the study ended.  Perhaps the most important part of this study shows that the levels of brain activity seen during future-oriented thinking affirmations like “people who sit less are less likely to gain weight.”

Affirmations for health have worked for many, and they can work for you. I found they work much better if there’s passion behind the desired goal. I convinced myself I was going to win that contest on Muscle Beach, and I did. Also, learn more about how affirmations work.

Health affirmations can help

I suggest you say your affirmations for health to yourself in front of a mirror, but I also find that listening to them while I work or at night while I sleep are very helpful. That’s why we offer personalized health affirmations created for you. Give us one or two goals, and we’ll create a 15 minute audio track with your affirmations along with some background sounds. Optionally, you can have the affirmations set at an audio level to where only the subconscious mind will pick up on it (called subliminal). I personally use subliminal affirmations with a babbling brook sound every day and night while I work as well as when I sleep. 

So, regardless of what your affirmations for health are, support retraining the inner voice in your subconscious mind with our personalized health affirmation product.

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