Fat Burning Secrets is your 4-week plan to optimal health with Richard H. Webb

About Me

I have over 25 years of experience in the health and fitness space. I started competing in natural bodybuilding contests in 2006. Bodybuilding and fitness have always been a passion for me, but I wanted to balance it with being a good father and working full-time in the software industry. As i have gotten older, i realized that the majority of the information online and in print about diet and exercise is either designed for young “gym rats”, or ineffective low intensity programs that don’t work, or require so much time and commitment they are not practical for a career-family man.  I am living proof that there is another way. In my competition resume at the bottom you will see the timeline where I wrote “Fat Burning Secrets“, and the progress I made afterwards.

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Richard H Webb - author "Fat Burning Secrets"
Richard H Webb - Age 59

Competition Resume

2013 Naturally Fit Show, Austin, Texas – July 27 – 2nd Masters 50+, 4th Open Lightweight

2012 Muscle Beach, Venice Beach, CA – Memorial Day – 1st Masters, 1st Novice Lightweight

2011 San Diego Natural – 1st Masters/3rd Short Open

2011 Muscle Beach, Venice Beach, CALabor Day- 1st Masters

2011 Iron Gladiator – California – 2nd Masters & 2nd Novice Short

2010 Iron Gladiator – California – 4th Masters & 3rd Novice Short

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Wrote first edition of “Fat Burning Secrets” based on research and experimenting to reduce exercise time from 16 to 4 hours per week. As a result, I was able to continue to compete in addition to being a father, working in the software industry full-time, as well as other life necessities.

 2006 Max Muscle Naturals – California – 12th Master


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