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Stepping into my shoes, you’ll discover a journey that spans over 25 exhilarating years, deeply rooted in the health and fitness world. My passion for bodybuilding and fitness ignited in 2006, and from there, I dove headfirst into the thrilling world of natural bodybuilding competitions.

But fitness wasn’t my only passion – I wanted to ensure that my dedication to fitness didn’t overshadow my roles as a devoted father and a committed professional in the software industry. Striking a balance wasn’t just a desire – it was a necessity.


As the years passed, I found myself disillusioned with the abundance of diet and exercise information available online and in print. So much of it seemed tailored for youthful “gym rats”, or centered around ineffective, low-intensity programs that failed to deliver results. And then there were the programs that demanded so much time and commitment that they seemed impossible for someone balancing a career and family, like me.

Richard H Webb - author "Fat Burning Secrets"
Richard H Webb - Age 60

I’m living testament that there is a different path. One that lets you prioritize fitness without neglecting other parts of your life. Take a look at my competition resume below and you’ll find an interesting entry – the point where I wrote “Fat Burning Secrets.” The transformation I made afterwards will tell you all you need to know about my journey. Life is all about balance, and I am proof that it is possible.

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