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Health Tips for Longevity

This yoga wheel supports the natural curvature in your spine.
Use this yoga wheel to support curvature in your back
As we get older, even with proper exercise and stretching we tend to hunch over losing the curvature...
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Affirmations work
Everybody is driven by affirmations
In this video I explain what affirmations are AND explain why we are ALL driven by affirmations in our...
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The Daily Grind interview
My interview on The Daily Grind with Kelly Johnson
This podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts. Here’s a couple of links for you. Apple:...
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Efficiency in Fitness podcast interview on Mentor's Collective with Dr. Jay Feldman
Podcast Interview on Mentor's Collective
On February 17, 2022, Dr. Jay Feldman interviewed me on his podcast “Mentor’s Collective”...
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Breathing exercises for anxiety
Breathing exercises to boost immune system
Buy “Perfect Breathing: Transform your life one breath at a time”
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Product Review: Resistance Bar
Product Review: Tikaton Resistance Band Bar Tikaton Resistance Band Bar came across as an ad on my desktop. As part...
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Resistance Band Bar on
Full Body Workout at Home
#FatBurningSecretsAtHome #2MinutesToABetteryou #FatBurningSecrets #fullbodyworkout #workoutathome This...
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Shoulder workouts at home as part of #FatBurningSecretsAtHome
Shoulder workout at home from "Fat Burning Secrets"
In my book, “Fat Burning Secrets“, the workouts require weight machines so you can do repetitions...
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Do electronic stimulators really work?
Do Ab Stimulators Work? Do ab stimulators work? Here’s my review of this electronic ab stimulator. ...
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Back workout at home for my book, "Fat Burning Secrets"
In my book, “Fat Burning Secrets”, the workouts require weight machines so you can do repetitions...
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