Positive Visualizations Evoke Emotion

Listen to this positive visualization audio
that fueled me to win 1st place in my Muscle Beach competition.


This is only a snippet of the full audio, but you get the idea. Imagine how powerful this is listening to this many times per day. It really fueled my desire to win. As a result, everything had more intensity and urgency to win. This can work for anything in life, and I continue to use this approach today. So can you. 

Let me create a powerful positive visualization to guide your emotions toward two specific goals of your choice.

Note: I’m so confident you’ll love this product that I’m giving a 105% money back guarantee. You read that correctly – 105% money back. Click the button below for details.

Positive visualizations evoke emotion which IS the language of God and/or the universe. This is different than just affirmations. Affirmations state what you are, but positive visualizations are comments that accompany the affirmations and are designed to evoke positive emotions around the affirmations. They are messages that if done properly will speak directly to your subconscious mind. 

In life, it is all too common for people like yourself to listen to what your subconscious is telling you, because it is a combination of all the things people have told you since birth. It could be anything from “you are not good enough at your job” to “you need to lose weight even though it is impossible” or “you need to bite your nails to stay calm or solve problems”. However, those things that you tell yourself are not really true. Psychology tells us that visualizing will evoke emotions that can allow you to overcome any negative thoughts you have about yourself. The best part is there are many different positive visualizations you can choose from on your journey. If you are looking to lose weight, you can try visualizations for weight loss messages. And if you want to feel more confident about your skills and abilities, you can visualize with affirmations that focus on that, too. Many people seem to ask the question, “Do positive visualizations work?” and my answer is yes. They work if you use them properly.

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How Do Positive Visualizations Work?

Many positive visualization messages are audio messages. In the case for audio, they can be embedded within music and play at such a low sound level so they are only heard by the subconscious, which is known as subliminal. Those two things allow the message to bypass your conscious mind and go directly to your subconscious. Your focus will not be on the psychology subliminal messages, so your brain cannot resist them in any way.

And since you cannot resist subliminal messages, they are more powerful than the hundreds of basic affirmations you may already be repeating numerous times a day! Learn more about what are affirmations.


How Positive Visualizations Can Help You

Positive visualizations are more powerful than affirmations.


Any changes you want to make in your life are completely possible when you take the time to listen to positive visualizations audio messages. Now is the time to change all that inner dialogue you have. Now is the time to start thinking about all the positive things you want to do in life. Science has proven that the mind cannot tell the difference between a vivid memory of the past that evokes emotion, and a visualization of something that has yet to happen that has emotion. 

So, create the confident person you have always wanted to be.

Earn the income you have always dreamed about.

Lose the weight. Lose the fat. Get in shape. Be successful at your job or in your company.

Find the courage to reach your goals.

When you begin to use subliminal messages each day, you will quickly realize how powerful and effective this method truly is. You will no longer ask the question, “Do subliminals actually work?”. Instead, you will strive to make psychology subliminal messages a permanent part of your days. After all, they are easy to use.

When to Use Positive Visualizations

You will discover that there are multiple times during the day when you can utilize affirmation subliminal messaging. Whether you are falling asleep, waking up, or enjoying a half hour of downtime during the day, subliminal messages can be implemented into those routines.

The only times you will not want to utilize any form of subliminal messages is when you are driving, operating heavy equipment, or doing any task that can be dangerous and requires your full attention and focus.

The absolute best time to listen to them, however, is when your body is transitioning from serotonin to melatonin. When your body is transitioning from being awake to falling asleep is when the subconscious mind is most ready to listen, although listening many times a day, like I did, is always good.

How to Start Using Positive Visualizations in Your Life

If you are ready to embrace positive visualizations to improve your life, I recommend beginning with making a list of what you want to change. This can be slightly challenging at first, because many people will start listing things they want to get rid of.

Remember, positivity is key in life. So, instead of looking at things as the glass half empty, look at them as the glass half full. Don’t add stop being unhappy to your list of things to change in your life. Instead, choose to add happiness to your days.

It is best to set clear goals and expect to reach those goals. Then be consistent with listening to visualization audios every day. Visualize reaching your goals and do your best to not let negative thoughts distract you.

Start achieving the results you desire today. Simply believe visualization messages can be helpful in any situation you are facing in life. Utilize visualization messages to gain confidence, earn more money, conquer subliminal weight loss, and become the person you have always wanted to be.

Below, I offer you the chance to get personalized positive visualizations created for you. You provide two goals along with some details around those goals and I’ll create a 15 minute personalized positive visualized audio that will evoke emotion and change your life. Use the example audio I provided earlier as inspiration. 

Are you ready to change your life?

Note: I’m so confident you’ll love this product that I’m giving a 105% money back guarantee. You read that correctly – 105% money back. Click the button below for details.

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