10 Meal Planning Hacks for Professionals on the Go

Meal planning hacks for busy professionals.

Let’s face it, eating healthy can sometimes seem impossible with your busy schedule. However, proper meal planning is your secret weapon as a busy professional. With a little time and effort up front, you’ll save time, money, and calories in meal planning for weight loss.

I have been performing meal planning for gaining weight and dieting during my bodybuilding days, so I have plenty of experience on what works and what does not. My meal planning for weight loss tips will save you from those last minute poor takeout or last minute high-calorie lunch outings with colleagues. Remember that saying, “Oh, I brought my lunch” is a legitimate excuse at work. For this reason, I have compiled for you my top 10 meal planning hacks to maximize your budget and minimize unnecessary calories.

10 Meal Planning Hacks

1. Plan for the week

Set aside 30 minutes to an hour to plan your meals for the upcoming week. Be sure to take into consideration any social events or calendar events.

2. Take Inventory

Check your pantry, refrigerator and freezer for items that you may already have. Meal planning around those staple items will reduce waste.

3. Batch Cook

Cook double or triple portions of items like roasted vegetables and lean proteins. One of the things I always tell my clients is that it’s ok to eat the same thing for lunch every day, but you can also dress the meal a little differently if that does not work for you. However, baking 3 or 4 chicken breasts for several meals works well for my meal planning.

3. Embrace Prepping

Chop vegetables, pre-cook potatoes, and marinate meats in advance. This will save you time during the week.

4. Consider Pre-cooked Protein

If you’re really too busy to cook, most grocery stores have roasted chickens and other items you can use in your meal planning for your proteins. I would not buy the full meals because usually these are not well balanced for macronutrients.

Meal planning is easier using a digital food scale.

5. Balance Your Macronutrients Specifically For You

Since you’re meal planning specifically for you, take your highest health into consideration and balance your macronutrients specifically for you. This is especially important if your meal planning for weight loss. Don’t know how to do that? No problem, see the free body fat calculator on this site. Enter your information, and then, at the bottom, it will calculate the macronutrients for you. You can even tell it to calculate how many proteins, carbs and fats you should be eating for your goals for each meal.

You would also enjoy my book,  “Fat Burning Secrets Cookbook: Macronutrient-Balanced Recipes,”  which has over 170 pages of macronutrient-balanced breakfasts, lunches, snacks, dinners and desserts.

6. Become Snack Savvy

Plan healthy snacks like fruits, nuts to avoid vending machine food. Protein powder or bars work really well, too, for meal planning for weight loss.

7. The Power of a Slow Cooker

Utilize that slow cooker by throwing in balanced ingredients in the morning to arrive with dinner ready in the evening.

8. The Freezer is Your Ally

Freezing fruits and vegetables as part of your meal planning for weight loss is valuable. Throw those into a blender with some protein powder and some nuts, and you have a macronutrient-balanced meal.

9. Get the Family Involved

Get the entire family involved in meal planning. This starts a bonding experience, and can also be a learning experience that children will not get in school.

10. Invest in Proper Food Storage Containers

Get a variety of sizes so you can store and take individual portions and refrigerate larger family portions, too.

So, knowing the benefits of meal planning for weight loss is one thing, but actually reaping those rewards is another. But, don’t worry, I’m here to help.

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