President LBJ’s domestic policies still greatly affect us today


A quick synopsis of his landmark civil rights legislation and more

We don’t give enough credit to what our 36th President, LBJ was able to accomplish in 5 years.

3 landmark legislations on Civil Rights (yes, he was blessed with the fact that his party controlled the house and senate)

1. Civiil rights act 1964

2. Voting rights act 1965

3. Fair housing act 1968

Also, the Immigration reform act open gates to immigrants from more than just white Europeans.

LBJ’s “War on Poverty”

His domestic programs were known as the “Great Society” legislation. He is also known for his “War on Poverty.” He doubled spending for the poor from $6B to $12B and lowered taxes. As a result, the number of Americans under the poverty line dropped from 20% down to 12%.

It was a good domestic economy overall

GDP grew, unemployment dropped, job growth was great and tax revenue increased.

My book, “Boomer Economics: Baby Boomer-elected Presidents and their Economic Impact” will be out in late 2023.

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