Fat Burning Secrets 3rd Edition Como Pack – both ebooks


This combo pack includes both of my “Fat Burning Secrets” books in pdf format:

Fat Burning Secrets: Efficiency in Fitness” (3rd Edition):

This new edition is special because it includes collaboration and support as well as the foreword written by international fitness icon, Sharon Bruneau.

In this 3rd edition, I teach you how to get 16 hours of exercise results per week with only 4 hours of exercise effort per week. 75% savings in time. Whether you’re a veteran gym rat or a complete newbie, this book will show you true “Efficiency in Fitness.”


and my “Fat Burning Secrets Cookbook: Macronutrient-balanced Recipes“:

Get over 175 pages of macronutrient-balanced recipes based on the diet shown in the exercise and companion book in this combo pack.








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Want to learn how to lose belly fat naturally? “Fat Burning Secrets” will show you how to lose belly fat in a month with exercise. My book includes a belly fat diet plan, resistance exercises, and cardio exercise combination that is a belly fat reducer combination. You have to put in the work, but just give me 4 hours per week and I’ll show you how to get rid of old man belly fat. I’ll show you how to get 16 hours per of resistance and cardio results with only 4 hours per week of effort. Think about that…75% time savings! That’s why I wrote the book.

The Fat Burning Secrets book includes detailed workout plans and instructions on how to eat better without feeling deprived. It also explains the science behind the program so you can understand how the “Fat Burning Secrets” diet helps you shred fat based on your body’s hormonal response to food.

In this cookbook I compiled some of my favorite macronutrient-balanced recipes and categorized them by Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks & Desserts. Some of them will include good choices for proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and some will include not so good choices. In any case, they will include a favorable ratio of macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats). This ratio is generally a 30-40-30 ratio of fats, carbs and proteins (respectively) as a percentage of total calories which is based on the diet in my book, “Fat Burning Secrets: Efficiency in Fitness”.

This is a combo pack of both books in ebook (PDF) format. Once you purchase, an account will be created for and emailed to you. Use this info to login and access your ebooks. Please check your Promotions & Spam folder and put us in your inbox.









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