"Fat Burning Secrets: Efficiency in Fitness".3rd Edition by Richard H. Webb and foreword written by Sharon Bruneau.

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You want to be healthier, but maybe you don’t know where to start. Don’t be intimidated by the gym or working out at home, because my book, “Fat Burning Secrets: Efficiency in Fitness” is an easy-to-follow guide for exercise and diet. I also created a companion cookbook, “Fat Burning Secrets Cookbook: Macronutrient-balanced Recipes.”

Need more guidance? Checkout my “Fat Burning Secrets Solutions” online fat loss course that teaches you how to eat for your body type and lifestyle so that your eat to burn fat.

Need a more comprehensive approach? I got you covered with my “Fat Burning Secrets Lifestyle Health Coaching.” This is a 12-week program that will truly transform your life forever.

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Why this site?

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Richard Webb - Age 60

I created RichardHWebb.com for one simple reason. I wanted to share my insights on long-term health I learned through years of research, trial and error. I also know how busy men over 45 are as they balance work, family, social and fitness. I wrote Fat Burning Secrets to share fitness and eating habit combinations that saved me over 12 hours per week of exercise time. The book is available on Amazon in Kindle format as well as paperback on Amazon. Don’t have a Kindle? That’s ok, the Kindle app is free and available for iPhone and Android phones as well as Mac and PC. Now, you can buy the book in PDF download format from this site directly for $14.99. 

In addition to presenting my book, “Fat Burning Secrets“, I also added valuable courses that go beyond the book. “Fat Burning Solutions Course” is a great add-on course to “Fat Burning Secrets“, that shows you how to:

check mark Eat for your body type

check mark Eat to build muscle and burn fat like a bodybuilder

check markTrack macronutrients like a pro

In the first chapter of my book I write about the importance of getting your mindset for success. The body’s not going to go where the mind does not tell it to go. I have benefited greatly from positive affirmations in all aspects of my life, so I created a new product where you give us 1 or 2 goals, and we’ll create a 15 minute personalized affirmation audio track to help you achieve your goals. See our Health Affirmations for more information.

I also promote products on my shop page that I use and recommend based on my experience. These products range from protein powders and bars to brain supplements.

In the Health Tips, you will find my blog offering other health information beneficial to long-term health. Thanks for visiting, and I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter.