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As your health coach, I am dedicated to helping individuals like you achieve their full potential and live a happier, healthier life. I offer personalized coaching tailored to your unique needs and goals, providing you with the tools and support you need to make lasting changes and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

I have perfected this “Fat Burning Secrets Lifestyle” over 15+ years, but I realize one size does not fit all. I started coaching so I could help adapt the program to YOUR lifestyle.

NOTE: Before purchasing, please make sure we have had our free 15 minute consultation, which you can schedule by clicking the button below:

Health Coaching with Richard Webb - 15 min free consult




Pricing is $550 for 4 weeks. Get a huge discount of $450 by purchasing the 12-week program versus paying month-to-month. From each session, we will put together actionable steps that both you and I will need to take:

YOU : Each session, you’ll be given actionable steps to take, and we’ll review those and update and add to them for the next session, if needed.

ME : Before our first session, based on our conversation in the consultation, I’ll have an overall plan to confirm with you. I will be doing, on average, 2-3 hours of work per session to be prepared and provide the actionable steps you need to take before our next session.

After payment, you’ll receive an email from me setting up a time for our meeting(s).

(8 customer reviews)

Original price was: $550.00.Current price is: $400.00.


What do you get with health coaching with Richard H. Webb?

  • 15+ years of experience in the health and fitness area, including the experience of lowering body fat competing in body building contests as a natural competitor.
  • Respected fitness author of the “Fat Burning Secrets” series of books available on Amazon as well as a proven online course, “Fat Burning Secrets Solutions” for fat loss.
  • Weekly one-on-one video meetings for accountability and support.
  • Actionable steps to transition to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Course material.
  • Email and WhatsApp support.

8 reviews for “Fat Burning Secrets Lifestyle” coaching with Richard H. Webb-Monthly

  1. Jan

    Your sessions help me process what’s going on in life and I feel more hopeful as we discuss perspectives, possibilities, and options for what steps to take.

    • Richard Webb

      Janet, I’m so glad you’re enjoying your transformation. Thanks for the review.

  2. Aurthur

    It’s been two weeks working with Richard so far, and in only two weeks I feel like I’ve transformed. His program definitely takes everything into consideration, and now my mindset is so much more positive than before making everything else seem so much more achievable. I now know exactly what my health goals are and can see how we achieve them. Thanks, Richard.

    • Richard Webb

      Arthur, I’m excited to work with you on your journey. This is going to be exciting. Thanks for the 5-star review.

  3. Andy

    Wow, what a refreshing approach to health and fitness. In my first session with Richard we targeted negative beliefs that were holding me back. I came out of that first session with clear goals of what I want to achieve. Thanks!!!

    • Richard Webb

      Thanks for the feedback, Andy. And we are just getting started. Imagine what 4 weeks from now will look like!!!

  4. Kit

    Over the past 4 weeks, I have seen a significant improvement in my overall well-being, and I attribute this progress to your expert guidance and support.

    From the very first session, I was impressed by your knowledge and professionalism. You took the time to listen to my concerns and goals, and you tailored your coaching approach to fit my individual needs. Your personalized recommendations were spot-on, and I appreciated the way you helped me set achievable milestones to work towards.

    Throughout the coaching process, you have been a constant source of motivation and encouragement. Your positive attitude and empathetic approach have made me feel supported and empowered to make lasting changes in my life. I feel like I have a partner in this journey towards better health, and it’s all thanks to your coaching.

    I have already noticed significant improvements in my energy levels, mood, and overall health. I am excited to continue working with you in the coming weeks and months, and I have no doubt that your coaching will continue to have a positive impact on my life.

    I highly recommend your health coaching services to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life. Your expertise, professionalism, and genuine care for your clients make you a truly exceptional coach. Thank you for all that you do!

    • Richard Webb

      Kit, thanks for the review. You’re an amazing person and are adapting so well to the changes. Use your thoughts to drive intentions. Looking forward to the next session to see how you’ve progressed again.

  5. Jim

    This Fat Loss Coaching Program is truly exceptional. The wealth of practical and valuable information provided, along with personalized coaching sessions, creates a transformative experience. Richard’s empathy, guidance, and accountability kept me on track. In particular, the way he puts all his courses, books and meetings together is inspiring. This holistic program addresses mindset, self-care, and sustainable habits, resulting in not just weight loss, but also increased confidence and overall well-being. Affordable and impactful, Richard’s coaching program is a life-changing investment in your health. Highly recommended!

    • Richard Webb

      Jim, thanks for the stellar review on my coaching program. I appreciate you taking the time to give a review, but more importantly, I’m happy you’re seeing success. I can’t wait to see your progress in a month from now.

  6. Jane

    It was SO nice to be able to walk into Gold’s gym and NOT feel intimidated, to feel like I know what I’m doing, and not have to rely on a class schedule and be led by an instructor.

    This is the first time I have ever been able to walk up to the weights section of the gym and not feel like I’m floundering and just doing random exercises with no particular method or approach. I feel like yesterday morning at the gym was truly pivotal because I’ve never felt this confident working out by myself in a weight gym until now. Thank you!

    • Richard Webb

      Jane, thanks for the review. You are progressing towards your goals and it’s fun to watch. Way to be persistent in pursuing your healthy lifestyle.

  7. User Avatar

    Joy Levy (verified owner)

    Richard’s coaching for mindset is such a helpful component to helping me stay on track. In addition, I cannot overemphasize how his help with tracking macros has helped me improve my mindset AND physique. With properly balanced meals, my moods have stabilized and cravings for junk food have all but disappeared! I highly recommend Richard’s guidance for anyone looking to turn his or her life around.

    • Richard Webb

      Joy, thanks so much for the 5 star review. It’s been a pleasure watching you progress on your path. Thanks for bringing up the mindset, because I think this is what differentiates me from other health and fitness coaches. The physical part of getting fit and healthy is easy…it’s the mental part that’s hard.

  8. User Avatar

    Joy Levy (verified owner)

    Richard’s coaching has opened up my life to so much positivity outside of fitness. He has been very effective in helping me improve my mindset to focus more on the positive aspects of life, even amid the stress and imperfections. He has been so helpful in teaching me “brain hacks” to short-circuit negative thought patterns and shift gears so I spend much less time wallowing in the doldrums. I’ve noticed a ripple effect in life thanks to this – once I made up my mind to simply enjoy life more and give myself “permission” to do the things I love, there has been more and more positivity coming my way, as if I’ve become a magnet for it. Amazing how that works. Thank you, Richard!

    • Richard Webb

      Joy, this review made my week. As I wrote in my book and I preach on social media, health and fitness is more of a journey of the mind than the body. The body won’t go where the mind has not been. But as we talked about, as long as you have a clear intention of what you want in order to fix an area of your life, focusing on those things that are going well and being happy bring more positive things to you in the areas that seem painful. I’m proud to be working with you, Joy.

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