"Fat Burning Secrets: Efficiency in Fitness".3rd Edition by Richard H. Webb and foreword written by Sharon Bruneau.

Time Under Tension – What is it and why you should care?


Time Under Tension: Why?

Time under tension TUT is a principle in weight training where the muscles are kept under constant strain for a duration of 45 seconds or more. In this video I explain and show how to use this principle in your workouts. In my book, the entire resistance plan is a time under tension workout. In fact, I also use this principle in my workouts at home.


As mentioned,  the high intensity training (HIT) resistance training in my book is a time under tension workout. Here’s the big thing about it, using TUT you can spend less time working out and get even better results. Before I found this approach, I was spending 16+ hours per week in the gym. Once I combined this principle with proper diet, I got better results and spend 4 hours in the gym. Yeah, read that again…that’s 75% time savings with better results. After making this change, I went on to win back to back Master’s divisions (40 to 49 years old) on Muscle Beach. I continue to use my time under tension workout to maintain muscle mass at 59 years old. It works and saves a lot of time.

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