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Lose Belly Fat After 50

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Lose belly fat after 40? No matter what age you are, actually, to lose belly fat requires only one simple rule! You must burn more calories than you consume daily over an extended period of time.

In this video I challenge you and me to lose belly fat by Christmas. I’ll lose 3% body fat and probably 10 lbs, although I’ll try to keep the weight loss as little as possible by Christmas day.

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The key to losing weight boils down to only 1 thing. You MUST burn more calories than you consume daily over an extended period of time. I show you how to calculate your daily burn rate of calories. Join me in this quest to lose belly fat, will you?

You’ll super charge your metabolism and turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

Learn more at: I guarantee results, and as a bonus, you’ll get 4 bonus gifts:

1. Digital body scale

2. Digital food scale

3. My book, “Fat Burning Secrets: Efficiency in Fitness” – paperback

4. My other book, the “Fat Burning Secrets Cookbook: Macronutrient-balanced Recipes” – paperback

Join me, won’t you? Get the Diet Like A Bodybuilder Course now, include your partners email in the additional notes at checkout and I’ll give them the course, too.

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