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Fat Burning Secrets Cookbook by Richard H Webb

Fat Burning Secrets Cookbook:


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How to lose belly fat following "Fat Burning Secrets" by Richard H. Webb with foreword by Sharon Bruneau.

Fat Burning Secrets: Efficienc


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Fat Burning Secrets 3rd Editio

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Unisex Jersey Tank

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All of the products below are ones that I have personally used and highly recommend.

Great for augmenting workouts at home from my book

check markInnovative Home Resistance Training
check markCan be used anywhere
check markEasy to pack and travel

Go Fit Pro Gym - Workout anywhere

Includes three resistance tubes:
check mark20 lbs. (green)
check mark30 lbs. (red)
check mark40 lbs. (blue)
Comes with:. 2 handles. 2 ankle straps. 1 door manual. Nylon carry bag for storing or transporting gear. Training manual assists you with use.

Need Meal Replacements? These are great options, and all are gluten-free.

Quest Gluten-Free Meal Replacement Bars

Quest Protein Bars in many flavors including chocolate and fruits. They provide a great balance of macronutrients for a meal replacement. Above shows the various chocolate flavors, but there are many other like Birthday Cake, Blueberry Muffin, etc.

Quest Gluten-Free Protein Powder

Quest Protein Powder comes in lots of great flavors. It’s really good for baking and comes with recipes, too. Bake chocolate cakes, brownies, even peanut butter banana cream pie. Use a blender and throw in some fruit, or just use a shaker bottle and eat the fruit for a great meal replacement.

Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Step on the scale, then almost immediately after the app on your smartphone is filled with your body weight, BMI, body fat%, water %, skeletal muscle, fat-free body weight, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, basal metabolism, and body age. Synchs with Apple Health, Google Fit, and the Fitbit apps. How cool is that? 

Key Cool Features of the Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scale:

  • Smart App Syncs with Fitness Apps – Over Millions happy global users, RENPHO App syncs with APPLE HEALTH, GOOGLE FIT, and FITBIT APP.
  • 11 Essential Measurements – Scale shows body weight, data including Weight, BMI, Body Fat Percentage stores to app. You can weigh yourself anytime WITHOUT your phone. The data will sync to the app once it is connected again!
  • Free Friendly App – Download RENPHO app for FREE at App Store/Google Play. RENPHO App works with Bluetooth 4.0, supports Android 4.3 & IOS 7.0 or above system.
  • High Quality Product – Auto calibration, high precision sensors measure in increments of 0.2 lb./0.05 kg with 396lbs/180kg capacity. 4 sensitive electrodes, 6mm tempered glass platform, 3 x AAA batteries included. FDA/CE/FCC/ROHS Certificated.

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Add the power of positive subliminal messaging to your computer

Mindmaster software program

Improve your life and achieve your goals through subliminal messaging.

check markIncrease athletic performance

check markBoost concentration & memory

check markLose weight & get in shape

check markMaster your emotions

check markStop smoking

check markIncrease confidence & self-esteem

check markBe more successful

check markCurb over-eating

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