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Do Ab Stimulators Work?


Do ab stimulators work?

Here’s my review of this electronic ab stimulator. 

For a month I put an electronic ab stimulator to the test replacing my normal ab routine with the electronic one. In the video I answer the question “Do ab stimulators work?” Additionally, I tried using the device on other muscle groups. The specific product I review here is ‘SPORTCDIA ABS Stimulator Muscle Toner’ by UMate and can be purchased for less than $40 US at https://amzn.to/2NugjEq. Learn more about my book, “Fat Burning Secrets.”  

The short answer is “yes” I got a decent workout from them. I found them to be useful for abs, but I do could not endorse them for other muscles or muscle groups. I incorporate this electronic muscle stimulator into my ab routine continually, but I do not rely on this only for my ab development. Problem is I like to sweat. You’re advised to not sweat while using these.

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How do ab stimulators work?

Ab stimulators work by sending an electronic signal where the abdominal muscle completes the circuit between the positive and negative ends of the device. The device sticks onto your skin, and you attach a rechargeable circular device in the middle which has several different levels and patterns you can choose. The workout itself is actually pretty effective. i use mine regularly. Please see video for more information.

UPDATE April 2022: I injured my shoulder and tried the small muscle stimulator to relieve pain, and this alone is worth the price. Electronic stimulation to relieve pain is well documented. It has really helped reduce pain and help me heal quickly.

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