"Fat Burning Secrets: Efficiency in Fitness".3rd Edition by Richard H. Webb and foreword written by Sharon Bruneau.

Fat Loss Success is Addictive


Fat Loss Success is Addictive

This is a snippet from an upcoming podcast to be published in March.

Fat loss success is addictive, and many programs fail because: 

A. People do not see progress soon enough, and 

B. They lose motivation 

In this video I explain what clients go through in my online course, “Fat Burning Secrets Solutions”  


Fat Loss is Hard, but the Solution is Simple

Fat loss and weight loss are hard, but the solution is actually quite simple. 

1. Track what you’re currently eating 

2. Find your total dally expended energy (TDEE) in calories 

3. Make sure you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming on a daily basis. 

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