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Product Review: Tikaton Resistance Band Bar


Tikaton Resistance Band Bar came across as an ad on my desktop. As part of my Fat Burning Secrets At Home workouts, I ordered it and liked it so much I incorporated it into my workouts at home. It’s a great X3 Bar alternative and not nearly as expensive.

In this video I show you how to incorporate it into my full body workouts (see link below to the full body workout post).

Tikiton Resistance Band Bar – best exercises

I found this resistance band bar to be especially effective at working out (all demonstrated in video above):
  • Back
  • Shoulders (overhead press & lateral raises)
  • Curls

About the Tikaton Resistance Band Bar Portable Home Gym:

  • Price: $US 68.99
  • Ships from US
  • Enables full body workouts
  • Portable-travels well-making again a X3 Bar alternative (portable, but has larger footprint)
  • Workout anywhere

I have used this resistance bar for 8 months as of the posting of this video. I’ve seen absolutely no degradation in the resistance of the band nor any wear and tear in this resistance bar. I do substitute these resistance bar exercises for the bands in my workouts because it fits well into my time-under-tension workouts found in my book, “Fat Burning Secrets”. I highly recommend the Tikaton Resistance Band Bar for workouts, and enjoy it as a X3 Bar alternative for sure.

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The Tikaton bar was discontinued, so I replaced mine with the Foser

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